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Our Clinic was launched in April 1997 as Mr Žilinskas Dental office at Algirdo g. 94. In 2005, its branch was opened at Kranto g. 2. In 2011, the Dental office was moved to new premises at Laisvės a. 4.

The Clinic offers all dental services including teeth treatment, extraction, prosthetic, implants, and professional oral hygiene.

27 years of professional work experience


years of professional work experience

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
Does oral hygiene performed in the clinic harm the enamel?

Only hard tartar is removed with sharp instruments, soft plaque is cleaned with brushes and rubbers with a special paste. In addition, the tooth enamel is very hard, so it is difficult to damage it even using sharp metal instruments.

In our Clinic, hard tartar is removed using an ultrasonic scaler, i.e. vibration caused by ultrasonic waves remove tartar. A tip of the scaler is not sharp at all, and does not cause damage to the enamel of the tooth.

Does the X-ray is harmful?

At the time of any X-ray, the patient receives some exposure. By taking images of teeth, the exposure is very low. By taking digital X-rays, exposure is 7-10 times lower.

Why do I need restorative treatment?

Lifeless, endodontically treated and teeth with large fillings need placement of prosthetic crowns, because there is a high probability of fracture of the tooth crown or even the root. Defects in live teeth can be restored by inlays or onlays.

When a tooth is missing, masticatory function fails, the remaining teeth wear faster, aesthetic appearance get worse, cheeks fall down, wrinkles appear in the corners of the mouth, and you look older.

If the teeth haven’t undergone a prosthetics surgery procedure for a long time, they can deflect, collapse, change their location and cause changes in occlusion and joint pain.

Missing teeth can be restored by bridges or dental implants.

My two front teeth are crooked and darkened. What is better to choose – the aesthetic filling or aesthetic prosthetics procedure?

You have to come to the clinic for consultation. Perhaps teeth became darker for endodontic treatment or for other reasons (trauma, decay, darkening of the seal). The doctor will examine your teeth, make their X-ray and then will be able to advice. Endodontically treated teeth need prostheses. Crooked teeth can be straightened by orthodontics means.

My dentist recommends extracting one tooth. Should I have to wait until the wound has healed after tooth extraction and place the implant after that? Is it possible to place the implant immediately following tooth extraction?

A dental implant placed immediately after extraction of the tooth has a lot of advantages as the height of bone and gum is retained. This is very important in the area of the front teeth. In addition, very often a temporary crown can be immediately placed on the implant. However, in cases of an infected or disordered tooth, when its extraction can be difficult, it is better to postpone the implant surgery. The doctor will assess your particular situation and suggest the most appropriate solution.

What are the best dental implants? How to choose them?

There are several hundred companies in the world producing dental implants of which only five or six are the largest and most famous. It is also very important how long a company is engaged in the manufacturing of implants because the quality of the implant is determined only after several years of clinical use. How much money the company allocates for clinical research and development of new implants also plays an important role. Small companies usually cannot allocate a lot of money; however, their biggest advantage is a small price for the implant. There are various implants, which differ in shape, connection type, dental surface treatment, etc. During the consultation, a dentist selects the type of implant according to the current clinical situation and the planned restoration method. 3D X-ray helps to determine which implant suits the best, as the doctor based on it can accurately assess the shape and size of jaws, bone tissue quality and quantity.

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