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Lithium disilicate glass ceramics E-max CAD

We offer Ivoclar Vivadent crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays produced from lithium disilicate blocks (e-max CAD). Tensile strength of teeth made of these units is 360 MPa, which is twice higher than that of conventional units and four times larger than ceramic used for decoration on metal. Teeth made from these blocks are initially slightly bluish, their resistance is up to 160 MPa, and they can be measured in the mouth. After about 30 minutes of crystallisation in an oven, they obtain proper colour and flexural strength of 360 MPa. There is no need to fix restorations made of e-max by adhesive systems; they can be cemented using conventional dental cement. This saves time, and aesthetic qualities of lithium disilicate ceramics are the same as ceramics of other types.

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