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Oral hygiene is a procedure performed by the dental hygienist in the Clinic, during which the hard and soft plaque using an ultrasonic scaler and instruments is removed from the teeth and periodontal pockets above and underneath the gums. Accumulated microorganisms and their toxins are also removed during this procedure. After that, each tooth is polished with a paste containing a small amount of abrasive ingredients by rotating brushes or rubber heads. This is not a very painful procedure, but if the patient wishes, it can be performed with anaesthesia. This procedure not only helps to maintain good oral hygiene, but also to prevent the occurrence of caries and periodontitis. The frequency of oral hygiene procedures depends on the patient’s personal hygiene quality, intensity of tartar accumulation and nutritional features. Taking into account all these factors, in most cases it is recommended to perform oral hygiene from one to four times per year. A hygienist will also advise and teach you how to follow proper personal oral hygiene.

The hygienist will advise you on personal oral hygiene:

  • show or advise you on how to properly and effectively brush teeth
  • advice what a toothbrush to choose
  • explain why it is necessary to use dental floss and what dental floss should be chosen for your oral hygiene
  • recommend a suitable interdental brush
  • advise what toothpaste is the most appropriate for you
  • answer all your questions related to oral hygiene
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